How To Control Dreams – The Basic Dream Control Guide

How To Control Dreams Whenever You Desire

Learning how to control dreams is not as difficult as it may seem. Being able to manipulate your dreaming experience by teleporting yourself to breathtaking sceneries, running through walls, speaking with dream characters you created, or simply craving on your favorite food while dreaming… it all can be attained!

With little conviction, practice and a suitable tutorial in your hands, you can easily learn to explore your inner dream world and control it at will. Read my brief dream control guide and try some of the most popular techniques to change your lucid dreams.

Main Advantages of Controlling Dreams

The advantages of controlling our dreams with lucid dreaming techniques go far beyond the alternate realities and fantasy fulfillment. You can strengthen your inner self by confronting your fears and long term phobias or heal deep subconscious wounds. Conscious dream control is also a powerful way to gain knowledge about yourself by developing self-reflection, healthy self-confidence and enhancing your creativity.

But there’s more! Imagine having a dialogue with your subconscious mind and finally solving a problem that has been sitting in your head for a while. You can also choose to dream about a particular object, or simply tap into your creativity and come up with another great idea for your business.

Perhaps you have recurring nightmares or a nasty boss that appears in your dreams as a monster with tentacles. With easy-to-learn lucid dreaming techniques you can  stop your nightmares by turning them into pleasant dreams, or change your boss into a teddy bear. :-)

"We need men who can dream of things that never were."  ~  John F. Kennedy

Dream Control Guide – Basic Ideas

How To Control Most Popular Dream Desires

In order to have success in learning how to control dreams, you must possess the right mindset. Now, this may sound cliché, but conditioning the mind is important in any challenging activity. During a dream control lesson, you’re typically trying to accomplish something surreal in your dream (for example creating a dream character or even having lucid sex with him or her). If your mind doesn’t really believe it’s possible, then what are the chances you will succeed? Probably…minimal.

Convince yourself that you are in control and anything you want is possible. Don’t overdo either – trying too hard may cause you to loose clarity of your lucid dream and wake up. If you find yourself struggling with some of the challenges described below, try going along with the dream and controlling your own actions first. Soon you will be experiencing amazing moments of conscious dream transformations.

Dreaming About A Particular Person Or Object

The best way to learn how to control dreams in order to strategize about a particular person or object is using the same technique as if you were about to solve a problem in your dreams – that means visual and mental preparation.

After drowning into your lucid dream (get a good guide about how to become lucid here), try to call out the person’s name just as he or she was in the next room or at the corner. Alternatively, picking up the phone and calling him or her might work as well.

You can also try the advice of Robert Waggoner, a leading lucid dreaming researcher (check out his bestseller Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self). He advices to ask your dream itself if you could get a particular person to appear.


If you try to create dream characters, using dream doors or liquid portals might particularly help (for example: open a dream door, reach inside and expect to grab the hand of your dream figure. Finally pull through). Although dream characters are a pureproduct of our mind” that we create for our amusement, they also represent certain elements of our ego, or spirit, or whatever you call it. Therefore, treat them with respect.

“Once I made my friend turn into Johnny Depp. We ended up having a very interesting talk – except the conversation was a little hard to follow because I focused too much on his sex appeal. I’ll tell ya it that was one of the funniest and coolest lucid dreams I’ve ever had!”

Creating Or Changing the Dreamscape

Creating the dreamscape from scratch is one of the most challenging dream control tasks. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as in the movie Inception (a brilliant insight into the concept of dream invasions and shared lucidity). Unfortunatelly, we cannot use the fantasy device used by dream architects in the movie. Rather, we have to rely on the power of our mind.

If you are a beginner, it will be much easier for you to manipulate objects within an existing dreamscape in your desired way than to create something from “nothingness”. By the way, do not interpret the movie as your dream control guide; take it rather as an inspiration for your lucid dreams. :-)   

The general good rule is to clear your mind, focus it on the right intention and then practice. One of dream control techniques available in this case is dream spinning- it allows you to change your dream setting. Try spinning on the spot and picturing your desired dreamscape as you spin.

Verbal commands are also a good way to learn how to control dreams and maintain that level of control in a dream (you can say out loud whatever you wish to happen). Keep repeating and calmly visualizing until you succeed.

Learning To Fly

Although flying dreams are one of the most popular types of lucid dreams, they are not that easy to control.  It is mostly because of a mental block – our mind has difficulties believing we can actually fly. One way to go about this is to try challenging yourself (jumping right off a cliff or a tall building). If you prefer taking it slowly, start bouncing along your dreamscape, allowing yourself to get higher and higher.

You can also imagine yourself levitating or using flying aids, such as wings, flying animals or objects etc. Just practice, do not give up and soon you will be able to experience one of the many exhilarating moments of flying across universe at impossible speed!

Travelling Through Time and Space

A really easy way to learn how to control dreams and travel through time and space is to visualize yourself in your own personal time machine. Think of the time and place you want to appear in, push all the buttons and let yourself teleport. Or you can try to fly above the clouds (where you don’t see the grounds anymore), imagine the desired time and place and descend back under the clouds. If you struggle, try using an anchor that symbolizes your intention just like when dreaming about a particular object/person, or when you try to solve a problem in your dreams.

Breathing Underwater

Learning to breathe underwater is just as cool as learning to fly. Taking into account the vivid character of lucid dreams, when swimming underwater in your dream, water may look and feel exactly like real water. When you plunge underwater in your lucid dream, try not to think about the challenge of breathing underwater. Most likely the mind will automatically instruct the body to hold breath just as if you were underwater for real. Keep reminding yourself that it’s a dream and that you can do anything. You can imagine that you are seeing through the ocean as if it was air.

Interested to find out more about how to control dreams and get the most out of your dreaming time? Than you might benefit from taking a look a Lucid Dreaming Fast Track - the ultimate digital guide about lucid dreaming and conscious dream control on internet.

You can learn step-by-step some advanced dream control techniques, such as increasing and sustaining your lucidity, how to perform lucid dreaming sex, or just to pick up a few extra practical tips on conscious dream control…

As you can see, learning how to control dreams is a matter of learning the language of your subconscious mind. And it is a skill like any other – it can be developed with motivation and practice.

Remember, we are all different. Even if you find plenty of inspiration here, you might go by trial and error to find out what really works for you, and perhaps develop a new approach. Also, some people are simply more prone to lucid dreaming than others. Therefore do not consider this guide about how to control dreams as a hand-holding tool. Take it rather as helpful information on your journey of exploration of your own possibilities.

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